2S Packaging works with advertisers, expo organizations, event planners and exhibitors throughout Malaysia to guarantee they have the right adhesive or packing tapes they need for their tight event deadlines. Whether temporarily putting down carpets in event halls, providing assembly solutions for the signs and displays or marking safety areas, you can be sure that we provide only the top notch high quality tapes for the event and advertising industries.

Transfer Tape | Protection Tapes | Malaysia Largest Industrial Tape Supplier | 2S Packaging

1. Transfer Tape

Transfer Tape makes the placement of vinyl easier. It is used for applications where you need flexibility and stretch and for bonding to irregular surfaces. It is originally made of biaxial oriented polypropylene film, proves to be the perfect waterproof tape ideal for humid conditions.

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Cloth Tape | Cloth Tapes | Malaysia Largest Industrial Tapes Supplier | 2S Packaging

2. Cloth Tape

One of my favorites, Cloth Tape is designed with anti-aging polyethylene cloth which is layered with a flexible rubber based adhesive. Cloth Tapes can be easily removed from any textured surfaces with little residue thanks to their brilliant elasticity. With multiple uses, Cloth Tape is specifically designed for temporary holding of exhibition floor covering.

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Floor Marking Tape | Safety Tapes | Malaysia Largest Industrial Tapes Supplier | 2S Packaging

3. Floor Marking Tape

Floor Marketing Tape is designed for marking and distinguishing of ground, identification of hazardous regions such as construction sites and commonly used as safety warning. It is made of plasticized polyvinyl chloride film coated with natural and adhesive rubber to provide its premium grade and durable properties. This tape is available in various different colours and is commonly used on construction sites and hazardous regions due to its noticeable and bright colour.

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Double Sided Foam Tape | Double Tape | Double Sided Tapes | 2S Packaging

4. Double Sided Foam Tape

Double Sided Foam Tape is crafted with ethylene vinyl acetate foam which is further coated with high-quality acrylic adhesive and glassine paper. With high thermal and water resistances, this tape is widely used for nameplate, photo frame, decorations, gift wrappings, woodworking, and advertisements. Its general purpose is for sealing and bonding of equipment for exhibitions, stands, and stages.

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Double Sided Tape Carpet Tape | Double Sided Tapes | Double Tape | 2S Packaging

5. Double Sided Carpet Tape

When it comes to double sided tapes, the Double Sided Carpet Tape is no compromise. Made with premium grade mesh cloth and coated with pressure sensitive rubber adhesive, this tape exceeds in visual impressions and stability then most other tapes. For this reason, the Double Sided Carpet Tape is perfect for event decorations, and industrial use.

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Double Sided Tissue Tape | Double Tape | Double Sided Tapes | 2S Packaging

6. Double Sided Tissue Tape

The Double Sided Tissue Tape is made with premium grade tissue which is double coated by a strong and pressure sensitive solvent adhesive. This tape is easily tearable, therefore, easy to use is another major factor why several prefer this tape. Double Sided Tissue Tape is most suitable for interior decoration, industrial application, and food packaging.

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Double Sided Acrylic Tape | Double Sided Tape | Double Tape | 2S Packaging

7. Double Sided Acrylic Tape

Double Sided Acrylic Tape is typically used for assembly of sign and display. It is made of crystal clear acrylic foam which is double coated with strong acrylic adhesive with long term stability. Due to its strong bonding properties, the Double Sided Acrylic Foam Tape shows remarkable performance. This tape can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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OPP Packing Tape | Opp Tapes | 2S Packaging

8. OPP Packing Tape

The OPP Packing Tape is designed with biaxial oriented polypropylene film and coated with pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. This tape is lightweight when compared to similar tapes. For this reason, the OPP Packing Tape is stable and well applied to regular applications. It is widely used for industrial purposes as well as in households to seal envelopes, cartons, and more!

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Air Bubble Pack | Packaging Materials | 2S Packaging

9. Air Bubble Pack

Air Bubble Pack is arguably one of the best packaging materials widely used industrially all across the globe. Air Bubble Pack is made of low density polyethylene film which bonds to another surface to form air bubbles. These air bubbles provide cushioning for fragile objects preventing them from getting damaged. This is commonly used for packaging of various food items, electronics, glass products, and more.

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2S Packaging prides ourselves in offering superior quality tapes and packaging materials with speedy service and affordable prices. If you’re in need of a tape supplier or packaging materials for your events or exhibitions, contact us today for a free quote!