2S Packaging was excited to usher in a prosperous Chinese New Year by recently organizing a Open House event at own office located in Seri Kembangan on 16th February 2019. In addition to this celebration, we were also excited to showcase the new office.

2S Packaging was proud to organize this Chinese New Year Open House that was celebrated on this Lunar New Year, wanted to share the cheer and celebrate the Year of the Pig with our dear family. The Chinese New Year Open House event began bright and Lion Dance Performances.

There were even surprise appearances by Lion Dance Performances, which got the kids excited! All family were invited to our sumptuous buffet meal.


Celebrate the move to the new factory, let the company’s employees and their family and friends witness the company’s growth and celebrate the new year, and achieve emotional exchanges and mutual understanding among colleagues.

Family Day can also allow employees’ family members to better understand their own family’s working environment and colleagues, thereby bringing family members closer.

The lion dance went to every department of the company and prayed to colleagues for a happy work and good health. After all, the company is the second home for employees.

We also saw that adults and children were very excited to see lion dance, especially children, who followed the lion dance department by department.