On the auspicious 18th of January 2020, 2S Packaging Sdn Bhd hosted a Chinese New Year Open House at the Seri Kembangan Office to celebrate the occasion with all its staff and family members.

The guests started arriving at 10 am, the thunderous sound of firecrackers and also reverberating drum beats of the lion dance blessing all those who were present.

Participants were treated to a sumptuous spread of food and kids were having fun with the clown and balloons giveaways.

For the grand finale, all guests went home fulfilled, entertained and satisfied.


Let the company’s colleagues and their family and friends celebrate the Lunar New Year together and achieve emotional exchanges and mutual understanding among colleagues.

Family Day can also allow colleagues’ family members to better understand their own family’s working environment and colleagues, thereby bringing family members closer.

18th of January 2020: Family Day in the second year

The Family Day in the first year was welcomed by colleagues and family members. This year, the Chinese New Year Open House cum Family Day will be held again.

Also this year, a lion dance went to every department of the company to step on the green, praying for all the employees to work happily and be healthy. The children are still very excited to see the lion dance, and follow the lion dance department by department to step on the green.

This year the company specially arranged some activities for the children. The company also invited clowns to entertain the children and let the children participate in simple games. Participants have prizes! At the same time, the company has also prepared some door gifts for the children, hoping to bring greater joy to the children.

In addition to the clowns, we also arranged Malaysian delicacies that are loved by various ethnic groups, and they grilled Satay on the spot, which are welcomed by everyone.

Finally, we would also like to thank the colleagues who participated in the preparation for letting employees and their families have a happy and meaningful day.

Summary: Everyone is very excited. Every employee’s family members, especially the children, hope to celebrate with the company every year.