Are you in search of the perfect eco-friendly packaging methods? If so, then you’ll be glad to know that we’ve got just what you need! When it comes to packaging, you must invest time and effort to eventually reach the desired result. With our help, you will be able to master the art of packaging in no time!

Tapes are essential components of proper packaging. You must find and use the appropriate tape that fits your requirements perfectly. Specific tapes are also designed to be eco-friendly, thus making them more suitable for use.

This article will enlist some of the most preferable eco-friendly packaging materials that are sure to make this process incredibly simple for you.

Pallet Stretch Film | Packaging Materials | 2S Packaging

1. Pallet Stretch Film

The Pallet Stretch Film is originally crafted with linear low-density polyethylene film. For this reason, Pallet Stretch Film proves to be one of the best packaging materials that ensure the protection of the packed products. Thanks to its stretching ability, the Pallet Stretch Film can easily attain different product shaped and provides the best damage prevention. Moreover, Pallet Stretch Film is popularly known for its eco-friendly nature, thus preventing environmental pollution.

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Tissue Masking Tape | Masking Tapes | 2S Packaging

2. Tissue Masking Tape

As the name suggests, the Tissue Masking Tape is made with special hand tear-able tissue coated with a pressure sensitive and high-quality rubber adhesive. As a masking material, it is majorly used to protect surfaces from damage or scratches. Furthermore, these tapes are also perfect for packaging due to their high adhesiveness. The best part about Tissue Masking Tape is that it can be recycled and reused, therefore, acting fully to its eco-friendly nature.

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Wire Tape | PVC Tape | Anti Slip Tape | PVC Tapes | 2S Packaging

3. Wire Tape

Wire Tape is made with polyvinyl chloride film coated with pressure sensitive rubber adhesive. Wire Tape is popularly known for its visually appealing colors and insulation properties. It provides excellent packaging results due to its strong tack adhesiveness. Similar to other eco-friendly tapes, Wire Tapes have the recycle and reuse properties. You can surely rely on Wire Tape to make your packaging absolutely flawless.

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Shrink Wrap Film | Packaging Materials | 2S Packaging

4. Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap is one of the strongest and most suggested packaging materials for numerous reasons. It is made of polyolefin which is a polymer with excellent strength. The Shrink Wrap is popular because of its flame retardant properties that cause it to shrink as heat is applied on. This tightens the packaging and adds to its durability. As Shrink Wrap is made with an extremely flexible material, it can easily attain different package shapes. Unlike most other packaging materials, the Shrink Wrap releases no harmful gasses on heating, which enables it to be known as the perfect eco-friendly packaging material.

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Lamination Film | Packaging Materials | Packing Material | 2S Packaging

5. Lamination Film

Lamination Film is made with biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate film and coated with a layer of ethylene vinyl acetate. Its unique design and great thermal insulation allows it to be an amazing packaging material for the purpose of protection against heat. Due to its high holding power, it can provide the level of strength and proportion that you need. Lamination Films are eco-friendly packaging materials and they can be used over and over and don’t need to be thrown away.

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