The Complete Guide to Hook and Loop Tapes

Hook and loop, commonly known as Velcro tape, is a fastener system that is found in many of our everyday items without us even realising it. You can find them on shoes, bags, wallets, clothes, watch straps, and in discreet places like underneath your sofa cushions, to keep them in position.

As good things come in pairs, the hook and loop requires two parts to work. The hook is the rougher side which has hundreds and thousands of tiny plastic inverted j-hooks. The loop is the soft side with many tiny pliable napped loops. When both sides are pressed together, the hooks will latch onto the loops and become securely fastened. They are easily separated by peeling them apart and when doing so, it often makes a distinguished “tear” sound.

The fasteners are available in many forms but the most convenient way to get it is in the form of tape. There are different types that you can find in the market depending on what you want to use them for.

Hook and Loop Tapes | Tapes | 2S Packaging

Classic Hook and Loop Tape

A linear strip of flexible and self supporting inverted j-hooks to be paired with a linear strip of pliable napped loops. You can get them in a variety of colours, length, and size. There are unlimited ways to utilise it so get creative!

Self Adhesive Hook and Loop Tapes | Tapes | 2S Packaging

Self Adhesive Hook and Loop Tape

Comes with a layer of pressure sensitive adhesive glue on the back and PE-coated paper as the release liner. Self adhesive hook and loop fastener is easy and simple to use for any application.

Die Cut Hook and Loop Tapes | Tapes | 2S Packaging

Die Cut Hook and Loop Tape

Instead of a linear strip, it can be cut into different shapes and sizes such as a circle, square, L-shaped, and V-shaped. This is particularly handy if you want to use hook and loop tape for sewing closures on bags or clothes. If you prefer, it is available with self adhesive glue on the back.

Back to Back Hook and Loop Tapes | Tapes | 2S Packaging

Back to Back Hook and Loop Tape

With this one-piece design, the hook and loop is attached back to back on a linear strip. It is frequently used to organise cable wires. The next time you purchase any electronics, notice how they use this to neatly package the wires.


Features and Benefits

High durability and low maintenance

Hook and loop tape can be fastened and peeled apart many times without losing its effectiveness. Made with mostly nylon and polyester, which are both sturdy and durable materials that are able to support significant weight without yielding. Maintenance is easy because it’s washable and can be cleaned quickly.


Straightforward to apply and use. No complicated instructions or difficult installations needed. You can find it in many clothes made for people with physical disabilities who struggle to handle zippers and buttons.

Light weight and versatile

Due to its lightweight material, it can be fixed onto almost anything. From hanging photo frames on the wall to securing carpets on the floor. It is even incorporated by NASA into the design of their space suits. That shows how versatile it truly is!

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