When choosing the correct floor marking tape there is one factor that surpasses all of the other factors which are important. It needs to be able to stick to the floor. Everyone has tried to use a tape which in the moment you have placed it on something, the tape falls off. The glue was either bad or almost non existing.

A situation like this, is really something that you want to avoid when choosing tape for the floor. Especially if it is in a storage, shop or actually just a place where people are walking. If the tape is not able to stick to the floor very well, you might as well not do it. It will be gone within minutes. If the tape is to be used on a floor with a lot of activity it is vital that you look for the level of abrasion that the tape can withstand. If it is at a low level, you will have to change it very often.

Hereby is it very important that the tape is strong, and the glue really sticks to the floor. Furthermore, it is important to search for tape, which has good thermal insulator and high resistance to solvent, oil, chemicals and water. The tape needs to be resistant to liquids in many forms, as the tape could be marking a danger zone.  In the same way if you need to use tape for outside use, it is important always to research, if the tape can be used outside. Rough weather can be hard to tape, and if it is not compatible to be outdoors, the tape will quickly be shredded. Additionally, if the tape is to be used in heated rooms or is just exposed to heat, it is a good idea to look for the maximum level of heat that the tape can endure.

Our floor marking tape at 2S Packaging has all of the advantages. It is made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) which makes it strong and anti-abrasion. It is widely used in facility aisles and it does also work great to denote the location of fire extinguishers or other equipment, it is ideal to use for areas that has a certain amount of danger related to it, advertising the danger awareness.  It can even be used for marking the court of a volleyball court. That is why our tape come in lots of colors and variations of colors. To be more accurate the tape comes in red, yellow, green, blue, black, white, black and white, black and yellow, red and white, white and green. Because of the tapes high level of resistant to abrasion it can be used in areas with  a lot of activity. Additionally, our tape is resistant to most liquids and it is heat resistant up to 60 degrees. Lastly, it is compatible for both outdoor and indoor use. If you need quality floor marking tape – 2stape.com is the right place to be.