The Golden Eagle Award | Award Winning Tapes & Packaging Company | 2S Packaging

2S Packaging is pleased to announce that the company has been awarded with

Malaysia 100 Excellent Enterprises
Golden Eagle Award 2015 – Emerging Eagle

The award has brought us encouragement, inspiration and enjoyment. Sincerely thanks to all 2S members for the teamwork, efforts and contributions. 2S team, you are the best, we have honoured on you. Let’s share this enjoyment together and work smart to strive for excellence!

About Golden Eagle Award

In conjunction with Nanyang Siang Pau’s 90th Anniversary, the prestigious ‘Golden Bull Award’ has been transformed and elevated. This award will now be known as the “Golden Eagle Award”. Thought the Golden Eagle Award, Nanyang Siang Pau aims to provide a most credible and representative platform to benchmark successful business and give them due recognition for their hard-earned success and outstanding achievements.

The Golden Eagle Award will strive to be Malaysia’s most respected accolade business award. This award is audited by Ernest & Young and judged by a panel of independent judges to ensure all nominated enterprises are evaluated professionally and equitably.

The Objectives

Besides honouring outstanding enterprises, the goal of the Golden Eagle Award by Nanyang Siang Pau is to encourage enterprises to benchmark against the best and their key source of inspiration for emerging enterprises.

  • Inspire and recognize successful outstanding enterprises.
  • Honouring hard working and industrious enterprises.
  • Recognition to enterprises for their contribution to the national economy.
  • Encourage healthy competitions and strengthen the foundation of growth.
  • Encourage efficiency, excellent, management and innovation.