Packaging has become a big deal recently. More and more businesses are looking into their packaging materials to not only reduce costs but also make them more efficient. This presents businesses like supermarkets with an even greater challenge. A lot of consideration and extra packaging material is needed when working with food, especially for fresh produce and meat. However, 2S Packaging, Malaysia’s largest tape supplier, has been working diligently to solve this issue and make packaging better and more cost-effective for supermarkets. Take a look below at the best packaging solutions for supermarkets that we offer.

The Best Packaging Solutions for Supermarkets

There are four main items that every supermarket needs in regards to packaging. These items are shrink wrap, food wrap, moisture-proof tape, and vegetable tape. 2S Packaging has perfected each of these vital essentials to be strong, safe, resistant to the elements, and eco-friendly when possible. You can read more about each of them and how they can help your business below.

Shrink Wrap Film | Packaging Materials | 2S Packaging

1. Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap is used throughout the food industry and especially in supermarkets. It is a film made from a polymer called polyolefin (POF) and provides excellent insulation. When heat is applied, it shrinks tightly around the food inside. The material we use is tear-resistant and very durable. Since it also provides high shrinkage, your items inside will still look beautiful and be protected.

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PVC Food Wrap | Packaging Solution for Supermarkets | 2S Packaging

2. PVC Food Wrap

Our PVC Food Wrap is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), as its name implied. It is food-grade, completely safe for all types of food, and will not affect the taste of the food inside. This material is self-sealing, stretchable, durable, and cost-effective. The thin plastic film is often used in supermarkets to package meat, fresh produces, bakery items, and more. PVC Food Wrap is cold resistant, making it perfect to use for food storage in refrigerated boxes or even freezers.

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Hard PVC Tape | Packaging Solution for Supermarkets | 2S Packaging

3. Hard PVC Tape

When you need to seal a bag, sort items, bind vegetables, or bundle flowers, you need heavy-duty, moisture-proof tape. Our Hard PVC Tape is perfect for the job. It is moisture-proof, food-safe, eco-friendly, and highly flexible. It also comes in a variety of colors making it useful for color-coding, identification, and differentiation in food items. This tape is made of polyvinyl chloride film (PVC), making it strong and impact resistant. It also maintains its flexibility in colder environments which is helpful for freezer work.

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Vegetable Tape | Packaging Solution for Supermarkets | 2S Packaging

4. Vegetable Tape

Vegetable Tape is the ideal way to bundle vegetables or fruit. It is eco-friendly, safe, moisture-proof, and cold resistant. The toxic-free adhesive has a superior binding force and the product itself is completely odorless. One of the many advantages of our Vegetable Tape is the ability to customize the included print. You can have your supermarket’s name printed or use them to identify the produce it’s wrapping such as broccoli or bananas. The tape is also abrasion resistant and offers excellent resistance to ultra-violet (UV) light. This means it is highly resistant to discoloration from sunlight.

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2S Packaging prides ourselves in offering superior quality tapes and packaging materials with speedy service and affordable prices. If you’re in need of a tape supplier or packaging materials for your supermarket, contact us today for a free quote!