2S Packaging Sdn Bhd is one of the leading adhesive tapes and packaging material suppliers in Malaysia. Our focus is on high-quality and durability of many adhesive tape varieties, thus earning continuous respect and trust from customers. When customers are satisfied, they always come back to get more services. We use up to date technologies to produce a wide range of tapes that match our customer needs and satisfaction.

Covid-19 has devastatingly crippled the business world economy. Our safety tapes are made with customers’ safety in mind. Our products are well-sealed and only handled with those manufacturing the products thus less contact with people and high chances of maintaining high safety standards.

Long term experience plays a big role in this. Our products, including caution tapes, warning tapes, masking tapes, and more, are also used in the healthcare sector in the sealing and packaging medicines and other consignments. We ensure high standards of hygiene for the safety of our employees and customers.

2S Packaging also supplies other packaging items like air bubble pack, corrugated paper, die-cut foam and many more. Besides, all our packaging materials have respective tools and equipment to assist in packaging and use. This minimizes contact to prevent covid-19. We have gummed paper dispenser, hard PVC tape dispenser, shrink packaging machine, strapping band machine and many more.

Being a tape supplier, we provide various safety tapes to help curb and protect our customers and employees against the spread of Covid-19. Apart from that, our prices are also friendly, and we aim to give our customers the best of services.

Benefits of choosing 2S Packaging

You should choose 2S Packaging for three major reasons which include:

  1. A trusted partner in adhesive tapes and packaging materials- We provide the best quality tapes from the recent technology. The tapes have a good presentation that eases their use.
  2. We care for you– For safety, we produce caution tapes, hazard tapes, warning tapes, safety tapes, and marking tapes to protect you against different dangers. Most importantly, we have photoluminescent tape for keeping away coronavirus on surfaces.
  3. Perfect door-to-door service– You do not need much hassle to get your tape or packaging material and equipment. We deliver everything to where you are after placing your order.

With the various listed protective measures against Covid-19, our services and products should convince you that we are the people you need to work within packaging your products to maintain top-notch safety. You can also reach us via our email info@2Spackaging.com or our website, and we will get back to you.