Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards Trophy | Award Winning Tapes & Packaging Company | 2S Packaging

2S Packaging has won 3rd prestigious Award!

Once again, we are pleased & humbled to announce that 2S Packaging has been awarded the

Sin Chew Business Excellence Award
Product and Service Excellence Award
in November 2016.

As always, we’re excited to share this achievement to our 2S team and especially our valued customers. Firstly, we are truly appreciate our 2S members for their continuous efforts, contributions & team works among each & others, its form the integrity to the achievement. 2S team, we proud of you! Secondly, we are grateful to have our valued customers for the continuously support. We commit 2S will keep improving to provide Superior Quality Products & Speedy Services as per our core philosophy.

About Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards

Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards is positioned as one of the most trusted and prestigious business Awards program in Malaysia with emphasis on strategic management approaches. Its primary target audience is SMEs by nomination followed by secondary audience in the non-SMEs corporate sector by invitation. Hence, the Awards serve as the highest accolades for the enterprises which have achieved utmost excellence in all key business management disciplines which form the strategic parts of organizational growth and sustainability.

In addition, the Awards is reckoned as an authentic testimony and recognition of the business excellence of the enterprises in ever changing environment for even greater success locally as well globally. Its enable more enterprises to learn from the success stories and revenue models of the winning enterprises, and to benchmark themselves against the best in their pursuit of further excellence. Last but not least, the Awards also serves to motivate the winning enterprises to showcase and to spearhead Malaysian brands to the global market.

About Award Trophy Significance

The design of the logo is based on stability. It has striking colour (in gold) representing positive strength and wealth. The use of Chinese character in bold symbolizes the nature of Sin Chew Daily as a Chinese media. The design of the trophy has a Chinese character “企 (Qi)”, showing the name of the award “星洲企業楷模獎 (Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards)”. Additionally, it has four pillars supporting from the base, which representing different aspects vital in business management – innovation, transformation, sustainability and leadership.