The 3rd Top 50 Team Enterprise Award Malaysia | Award Winning Tapes & Packaging Company | 2S Packaging

Another recognition and encouragement come to us in early 2016.
2S Packaging is again pleased to announce that the company has been awarded with

The 3rd Top 50 Team Enterprise Award Malaysia 2015/16 – Gold Award

Once again, we are grateful to all 2S members for the enthusiasm, teamwork and contributions toward success of company and award winning. Without hard-work, dedication and commitment from all members of 2S Packaging, we don’t think we can receive this award effortlessly.

2S team, let’s work hand-in-hand to strike for greater achievement and excel for excellence. We are confident 2S Packaging will go toward higher platform and have better growth in our future undertakings.

About Top 50 Team Enterprise Awards Malaysia

PUMM Top 50 Enterprise Award – The Top 50 Enterprise Award Malaysia, also fondly known as the T.E.A.M. Award, is to accredit and acknowledge the achievements attained by Malaysian companies with the intention to inspire these Malaysia companies and others to make a determined sprint towards greater success.

Regarded by many in the industry to be one of the most prestigious business awards, it honours only the cream of the crop of all successful businesses. Winners are undisputedly jewels of the crown in their respective industries, recognized for their business excellence as well as corporate social responsibilities. They are also looked up upon as role models for many up and rising companies.

The Objectives

  • To promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and the intrapreneurship.
  • To empower Malaysian entrepreneurs to venture into higher platforms and greater achievements.
  • To recognize outstanding achievement and concerted effort of Malaysian entrepreneurs and to inspire the future with their successes.
  • To recognize remarkable contribution towards the Malaysian economic growth.
  • To provide platform for a nation and eventually global linkage to possible collaboration and joint entrepreneurial programs for all business personalities.